Get Back Adjusted Historical Data for Amibroker using Python and Tiingo api

This is from a commercial systems vendor so I have not posted the vendor's exact info. But one of their developers used to write a blog (Vangelis of using AmiBroker and he has posted the following that I thought may be of use to our user community.

The problem: Where to download dividend adjusted data

Many Amibroker users build strategies that rely on dividend adjusted historical data. At this moment it is difficult to find similar data since Yahoo, as well as many other sources, do not back-adjust prices to include dividends. A solution is to use free (or rather donation-based) EOD data from
What happened to the free Yahoo finance historical data?

Yahoo! finance has changed their Yahoo Finance API and the way the data is delivered. This has disrupted the workflow of many self-directed investors that use Excel or Google sheets to track their holdings. It has also created problems for users of financial software that use Yahoo’s service.

The service has not been discontinued. Rather, it has been changed. You can still retrieve stock, ETF, mutual funds and currency historical data. From what we can see so far, the data is in json format, adjusted for splits but not for dividends, although the dividend information is provided in the data and can be retrieved (as of 6/3/2017).

If you use Amibroker, you can use the updated Amiquote to retrieve data using the new Yahoo API. It will not be dividend-adjusted (just try to download a bond ETF like “TLT”). If you want to continue an existing workflow of dividend-adjusted data, you can try this solution.

You will need:
1. Amibroker.
2. A free account at to get a Token #
3. A way to run the following Python script.

Tingo API docs for daily prices:

Created on Fri Jun 02 17:02:32 2017
_ _
This script will pull the symbols from your specified Amibroker database and download historical EOD dividend adjusted data from and will store them in a folder (Destop/Data/TiingoEOD) as csv files, one for each stock (APPLE.csv SPY.csv, etc). It will then attempt to open Amibroker and import the csv files.
_ You need:_
_ 1. To add your own Token number you will get when you register at (line 51)_
_ 2. Specify the Amibroker database you want updated (line 99)_
_ _
Use as an example. Please modify to your needs

import time
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import json
import os
from win32com.client import Dispatch

#Get todays date in Y-m-d format to use in the Tiingo API call
dateToday = str(time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d"))

#Set the paths to where the data will be stored
#In this example we will create a folder here: Desktop/Data/TiingoEOD
# and store the csv files there

desktop = os.path.expanduser("~/Desktop/")

#If no such folder exists, create an empty folder
if not os.path.exists(dataPath):
    print 'creating Directory ...'+dataPath

def TiingoDailyDatatoCSV(symbol):
    This function will download EOD data from
    and write to a csv file called nameOfSymbol.csv
   # symbol="TLT"
    headers = {
           'Content-Type': 'application/json',
           'Authorization' : 'Token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    print "donwloading",symbol, "..."
       response = requests.get("" + symbol + "/prices?startDate=2000-1-1&endDate="+dateToday,headers=headers)
        soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, "html.parser")
        dic = json.loads(soup.prettify())

    for i in range(len(dic)):
        ##To convert from 2017-06-01T00:00:00.000Z
        row= row+"\n" + str(dic[i]['date'].split('T')[0]) + "," + str(dic[i]['adjOpen']) + "," +  str(dic[i]['adjHigh']) + "," +  str(dic[i]['adjLow']) + "," + str(dic[i]['adjClose']) + "," + str(dic[i]['adjVolume'])
    f = open(symbolFile,"w") 
    print "finished writing ",symbol,"csv file."
    print "error downloading ",symbol
#--------------------START -------------
#This is the import definitions for the csv files             
ABImportDef="$FORMAT Date_YMD, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Skip \n$SKIPLINES 1 \n$SEPARATOR , \n$CONT 1 \n$GROUP 255 \n$AUTOADD 1 \n$DEBUG 1"
#print ABImportDef

print "Starting Amibroker import..."

#This is where the format definition file should be. If there is not one already, create one
AB_format_file_path='C:/Program Files/AmiBroker/Formats/TiingoEOD.format'
if not os.path.exists(AB_format_file_path):
    print 'I will create an import file for Amibroker: ',AB_format_file_path, '...'
    defFile = open(AB_format_file_path,"w") 
data_folders = [
                (dataPath, "TiingoEOD.format")
# Create AmiBroker object and specify the Amibroker Database to load
ab = Dispatch("Broker.Application")
ab.LoadDatabase('C:/Program Files/AmiBroker/LiveSystemsData') #Customize

#Get tickers from Amibroker into a list
Qty = ab.Stocks.Count
for i in range(Qty): 
    ticker=ab.Stocks( i ).Ticker
    if ticker[0] != "~" and ticker[0] != "^":
       TickerList.append(ab.Stocks( i ).Ticker)
print TickerList       
##---------------Download all tickers and write to csv
for s in TickerList:
#--Import csv

for (data_folder,format_file) in (data_folders):
    for file in os.listdir(data_folder):
        if file[-3:].lower() == "csv":
            print "Importing to AB:", file, "using:", format_file
            ab.Import(0, data_folder + "\\" + file, format_file)
print 'Finished Import'

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Frankly I think it is way too complicated for average user to use.

Thanks for the example, really good one.

I tried this and I am getting one issue. After import I am losing all my trendline drawing and old bars before start date.
How can it will work like Amiquote where it just added the new date data and don't remove my drawings ?

Thank you

@batu544, I used the script (modified just a bit to use Python 3) and it works perfectly without deleting any drawings: I would be surprised of the contrary because to import quotes from the downloaded data (saved in a flat file) it uses the standard OLE (automation) interface of AmiBroker (that probably it is the same process used by AmiQuote).

Though there is no more reason to use it for Tiingo (now natively supported by AmiQuote), I like to take this opportunity to thank @portfoliobuilder (and above all the original author) for sharing this script that IMO is a good "template" to model any script to download data from the ever-growing services that uses the JSON data-interchange format.