Get Symbol count for multiple symbol deletion(permanent)

Hi @Tomasz,

When selecting Multiple symbols say like 15 or more and Deleting them at once, a Dialog appears for "Yes-Delete Permanently" or Cancel

Can the Dialog show total count of number of symbols being deleted?
If the symbols string is long, it gets truncated and cant see the entire list.
Couldn't resize the box either, just tried if that could have sorted it.

(ABx64 v6.41.0 on Win 11 22H2)

First the symbol count is ALREADY displayed.
Secondly, the list of symbols deleted IS displayed in the symbol list itself.

There are TWO dialogs that are displayed. First shows the number of symbols selected and asks you to confirm if you really want to perform action on multiple symbols. And it shows how many symbols are selected


Second dialog is displayed ONLY for deletion and it asks to re-confirm.

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Yes thanks. This sorts it.
I was always looking for the whole list.

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