Get terminated from time to time

Recently amibroker frequently crashed with exit code 1653 on windows 11.
Any help appreciated.

Hello ycc,

you are losing your "harddisk connection" ... Please research your Windows logs.

Is this a virtual machine ?
Did you install recent drivers for your system/harddisk/controller ?
If you use SSD how old is this device/usage time/max i/o, SSD has lifespan ~3-5 years ... ?

AB is running very stable on Windows 11.

Best regards,

Sometimes such weird errors may be caused by antiviruses. The case of ESET causing precisely that error:

(see also other replies in that thread for other possible causes). Generally the error is not really AmiBroker thing.

yes, my installation is in a VM under PVE, and it definitely not AB to blame.
Thanks for help. Can't fix it and I will migrate to a new VM.