Get volume and Turnover of the index

Hallo everyone,
How to get volume and Turnover of the index which includes some of the symbols,
to be specified I have a watchlist including number index and all one of them includes a number of symbols, how to get volume and Turnover of that these indices.
there is process to get it

Either use this

or ATC ( Addtocomposite)

Then run scan with Filter set to your watchlist.

Multiple threads already so use forum search.


/// @link
/// Click New Analysis button "Run sequence"
#pragma sequence(scan,explore)


/// @link
if ( Status("action") == actionScan ) {
	Buy = 0;
	if ( Status("stocknum") == 0 )
	StaticVarAdd("~Turnover", C*V, True, False);
	_exit(); // quick exit in scan mode

turnover = StaticVarGet("~Turnover");

Filter = Status("lastbarinrange");
AddColumn(turnover, "Turnover", 1.0);
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ok, thanks for your efforts

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