GetCursorYPosition() on GuiButton

yes you can have it but it is not fully tested so it is on your own risk. Also I do not use ticksize for placeorder and modifyorder. It is just a simple tool. In the second column, second row you have a long/short toggle button. This works together with the 3 buttons below. So if "LONG" is active then it assumes you want to buy. The ETY (entry) line should then be below the price and the order will be triggered when the price goes below the line. The STP/TGT and ETY buttons can be pressed twice. At the second press the trigger is when the price crosses the line while the first press it triggers only at the end of the bar. When the order has been triggered the line disappears automatically.

code should be put in a file which is saved in the "custom" section and dragged over an existing chart

oeps it didnt let me put it there. There is a limit of 32000 characters it said. Also I feel a bit double about this because it is always hard to use someone elses code. Better use fxshrats code and modify it for your needs

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Edward ,
did you successfully complete the project and could you please share the code .

hi, I just added a little bit to it, these little button next to the main button so you can move up and down on a tick level (which was often hard with the mouse) and a close button.

for the rest it is quite messy code. I use it but I know the code. So I rather not post it. It will cost me a lot of time explaining things. It is not near a code that can do all kinds of things. My lines are for entry, exit and stop. A lot of the code is already available in snippets.


I place orders the old fashioned way, but when I saw the tradingview solution I decided to create a usability tool for execution
Would you please share the code, it would be a good starting point for developing my solution.
Would be very grateful, I will not waste my energy passing through open door.

i put the link below where you can download it. The code is basically old but it works.

But you have to be careful. In the second column I have a button to toggle between LONG and SHORT mode. If you have it in LONG mode and you put the entry line above the last price it will buy immediately if you have it set to "ET line Cross". So this is why this code is more for personal use. Or maybe you should use parts of it for your own code. At least first play with it on a paper trading account. Also I use it for futures so Add1 buys/adds 1 future, SELL1 sell1 or shorts1 or adds to the short



Thank you very much for sharing the code !
now I have a starting point to build my own solution

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