GetFnData Older version Format file

Hello All,
I'm new to this forum. Hopefully someone knows the answer to my issue without much work.
I am not getting correct results on all fields when using GetFnData. I am downloading yahoo fundamental data. I know that yahoo has changed their data a number of times over the years and that Ami-Quote has been updated due to this. I am using ver 4.02 of Ami-Quote. I am using an older version of Amibroker, ver 6.00.2, which could be the issue. I suspect that yahoo is not providing all of the data that GetFnData is capable of retrieving or that maybe my version of Amibroker doesn't work with the new version of Ami-Quote.
As an example, EPSEstCurrentYear and other forward estimated fields return data that appears to be incorrect. In some cases I don't see that data in the yahoo stats page anyway, however some of it could be calculated.
I don't mean to be rude when asking for help but I really don't need theories. I would rather hear from someone who actually knows. I don't believe the problem is something that I am doing.
I do appreciate all the posts in this forum. It has helped me figure a few things out. Hopefully some day I can return the favor with help.

One addition is that the symbol information window shows some of the same bad data. I didn't verify every field though.

Ok. I may have figured out the answer to this. I had expected that GetFNData would return no data for fields that didn't get downloaded as opposed to returning wrong data, and that may be true. However, I didn't take into account that some time in the past I downloaded yahoo data that did populate those fields. Since those fields are not being downloaded now, they are not getting overwritten by new data or blank fields. That's my theory anyway.