GetFnData( "SalesPerShare" );

Having problem with
SalesPerShare = GetFnData( “SalesPerShare” );

I get a return value near zero. Example:

For RTN, return value is 2.373966e-08 compared to 81.10 on Think or Swim platform.

It seems the value is devided by SharesOur as I get a valid number when I multiply by Shares Out. ???

Did you check Symbol Information window? Does it have correct data?
Did you run Yahoo Funamental Basic or Extra download?

Tomasz, I ran "Extra" download. The Symbol information window has same low near zero value


@ara1 What is your Data/feed source? With Norgate I get this as of today,


I am using Yahoo data downloaded with Amiquote.
I do use Premium Data for my regular data feed, but I am under the impression that Norgate does not provide Fundamental data and checking Norgate website again, I still don’t see any fundamental data.

Is it a separate subscription … some kind of a package deal … part of the new Beta system under test ???
I would prefer getting all data from Norgate.

I am a Beta-tester but I believe that program is now closed/full. I do not know what fundamental data comes with the other subscriptions so you’ll have to ask @NorgateData Richard Dale.

Thanks Larry Appreciate your input

“Extra” fundamental download is broken at the moment due to changes Yahoo made few days ago.

Update: upcoming version (3.24) has it fixed.