Getting current EST time without using local time or hardcoded offset?


I've searched the forum and couldn't find any really perfect solution...

In a batch file that will be called twice a day (before open and a bit before the close) I need to know if we are 15 minutes before the market closes...

Unfortunately my computer isn't in the EST timezone and I would like to avoid using any kind of hardcoded offset (since I will surely forget to change that offset when needed). Getting the current EST from the web is also not a viable solution imo.

Is there any way to have a "true" timezone conversion ? i.e. a solution that would deal with the varying offsets during the year (due to this damn daylight time switch...) ?

Thanks a lot,

Write a formula that will automatically change that offset twice a year and run it as part of batch so you won't forget.

Thanks for the idea but I decided that this would not be reliable enough long term (e.g. in the EU winter/summer time may be suppressed pretty soon and I'd rather have microsoft handle this... so I've set my machine time to be EST).

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