Getting data of a Composite ticker into excel

Hi..have created a Composite ticker using AddtoComposite and plotted it using the Foreign(). I have 5 such composite tickers. Is there a way i can get the data from these tickers exported to an excel file. Or do these composite ticker symbols exist in some file which i can open using notepad/excel and use the data to my liking.


Data files are binary files and are not human readable files.

To export use exploration code

format    = 1.2;

SetOption( "NoDefaultColumns", True );
SetSortColumns( 2 );

AddTextColumn( Name(), "Ticker", 1.0 );
AddColumn( DateTime(), "Date/Time", formatDateTime );
AddColumn( O, "Open", format );
AddColumn( H, "High", format );
AddColumn( L, "Low", format );
AddColumn( C, "Close", format );
AddColumn( V, "Vol", 1 );
AddColumn( OI, "OI", 1 );

Filter = 1; // Status( "lastbarinrange" ); etc...

Select symbol(s) and set range and periodicity. Then apply exploration and after it is finished copy result list of explorer and paste it directly into Excel.

There are other methods of course but upper one is simplest one for manual exports.

Further info on exploration may be found here.