GICS Update for AmiBroker

Dear Tomasz,
There have been changes in GICS classification last year. For instance, one can find FB, GOOG and WB in the Telecommunication Services with GICS 50203010. This GICS is missing in classification built in AmiBroker 6.35.1 (it does not go beyond 501020). Is it possible to update GICS matrix in Amibroker to reflect recent industry allocation? Thank you.

@nikolayt, I'm no expert on this stuff, but I suggest you to look at the file supplied at installation time:

AmiBroker now reads GICS.txt file from its installation folder.

as explained in this part of the guide (scrolling down - near the bottom - to the section titled "GICS categorisation")

Maybe editing such a file will solve your issue.

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Thank you very much - it works. You just need to maintain the list up to date yourself.

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