Global Chart Display

I am a newbie to Amibroker.

I would like to set up a Global Chart Display showing as follows:

  1. Daily chart with 252 bars:
  2. Overlay with Moving Averages, says 20/ 50/100/ 200;
  3. Volumn
  4. Indicators: such as MACD, ATR, RSI, etc

Any direction on such set up?

Try to search the user guide and knowledge and unable to get the ansewers.
Any helps?

See Working with chart sheets and window layouts.

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A good start might also be this book:

Hi, Henri

Thanks very much for your help!
A Chart Window has several tabs for various symbol and each Chart Window has many sheets. I use the sheets for different time frames, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with various indicators. However, when I change the time frame on Daily Sheet for symbol NFLX and all other sheets, Weekly Sheet, Monthly Sheet all change to daily chart. Is this the proper way to set up the chart window?

Any direction for me to fix this issue? Can't find anything in the book "Introduction to Amibroker" Any video you come acress such Chart Window set up?

Thanks a lot!

Use separate MDI Tabs (not Sheets) for separate timeframes.

Eg, I have a separate Layout with 3 MDI Tabs, one set to Daily, one Weekly and the other Monthly. I use Interval Lock so the timeframes are locked to their respective MDI Tab and apply Symbol Link to all 3 MDI Tabs so when I change the Symbol in any of the MDI Tabs all of them change to that Symbol but the timeframes stay fixed.

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Thanks. Got it fixed. How come I can't find such simply setting in other materials, such as User's Guide or Introduction to Amibroker.
Thanks again.

@TrendSurfer Thanks again for your assistance to sort out the issues. By the way, how you use the Sheets for each of multi time frame Tabs? What is MDI stand for?

MDI Tabs are mentioned in the same document (at the very bottom) as I referred to in post #2

Sheets are grouped to each MDI Tab.

@TrendSurfer Got it. Thks.

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