GMA - Who coud give me the formula?


I use Pattern Explore Plug-in for Amibroker, and I found GMAs in Guppy.
But I do not know GMA's formula.

Could you show me the GMA formula?

Thank you very much!


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Please refer the attached link


Thank you very much for point me the link!
I've just code it, but I look, it do not like the Guppy.

Some thing wrong in my code?

Plot(C, "", colorDefault, styleCandle);

Per = Param("GMA Periods", 3, 1, 100, 1);

M = 2/(Per + 1);
a1 = (C - Ref(EMA(C, Per), -1)) * M + Ref(EMA(C, Per), -1);

Plot(a1, "GMA " + Per, colorAqua, styleLine);

Try like this

SetChartOptions(0, chartShowArrows | chartShowDates);

FastMAColor = ParamColor("Fast Group MA Color", colorGreen);
SlowMAColor = ParamColor("Slow Group MA Color", colorRed);

Plot(EMA(C, 3), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 5), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 8), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 10), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 12), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 15), _DEFAULT_NAME(), FastMAColor, styleLine);

Plot(EMA(C, 30), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 35), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 40), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 45), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 50), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 60), _DEFAULT_NAME(), SlowMAColor, styleLine);

Another version using custom array and looping.

/// Guppy MA
/// @link
fast_per = MxFromString("{{"+ParamStr("Fast periods", "3,5,8,10,12,15")+"}}");
slow_per = MxFromString("{{"+ParamStr("Slow periods", "30,35,40,45,50,60")+"}}");
fast_color = ParamColor("Guppy Fast Color", colorGreen);
slow_color = ParamColor("Guppy Slow Color", colorRed);
colnum = Min(MxGetSize(fast_per,1),MxGetSize(slow_per,1));
SetChartOptions(0, chartShowArrows | chartShowDates | chartWrapTitle);
for ( j = 0; j < colnum; j++ ) {
    Plot(EMA(C,fast_per[0][j]), "Guppy fast", fast_color);
    Plot(EMA(C,slow_per[0][j]), "Guppy slow", slow_color);



Thank you very much Fx!

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