Google Finance data source (EOD) has problem

I try to pull the google finance's data today.
It will show the problem below:


Thank you.

As written in FAQ: AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions

AmiQuote just works, if it does not work, it means that data source web site has problem, not AmiQuote. AmiQuote works the same as any web browser. It can only download any content when server delivers that content.

Google Finance EOD server does not work at the moment. It is uncertain if/when Google Finance EOD will be restored.

But Google Finance INTRADAY works fine.

Google is doing changes to their services and moves everything to their "search" product

If you try the site it gets now redirected to Google search.

Good news - Google EOD downloads are coming back in AmiQuote 3.30 along with new supported intraday downloads (30/60minute intervals) and longer intraday histories (1 year).

Coming soon on AmiBroker web site downloads section.