Google Finance did not update their page since Sep 5

As a pre-emptive move before we got hundreds of “AmiQuote does not work” messages, here is the info for Google Finance users.
Google did NOT update their web page with historical quotes since September 5, see:

so if you are not getting data from Google Finance past September 5, it is NOT AmiQuote problem, but Google problem.

Also troubling is that the main page for stocks:

…no longer have a “Historical Quotes” link.

Looks like Google EOD was out, but it looks like it is now back online (At least via AQ). They now have a data gap during the hiccup, so looks like no EOD data for 9/6/2017 and 9/7/2017.

There was no issues however with the Google Intra-day data, perhaps the issue was with SIX, Google’s EOD supplier.

FYI, Appears Google was able to “Fill-in” the EOD data gap for those days 9/6 and 9/7.

Google Intra-day data for Indices (ie US & Australian) have been unavailable for me since 13 September , but not Intra-day for stocks.

It may just be Googles data vender having issues and I guess we will see in a few days

@ojo - Google has changed their intraday server URL, so update your AmiQuote to most recent version 3.25

Many thanks for that Tomasz

Could you please suggest the new URL and where it needs to be updated on Amiquote

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This and all other AmiQuote questions are solved in

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