Google Intraday and EOD

Hi everybody.

I have noticed a strange behavior when downloading data from Google with Amiquote 3.15..
I am able to download successfully quotes from Google intraday site but when I try to download the same ticker from Google EOD, it generates an error message (see example below but the problem is the same with different tickers and different dates).

Does anyone has some clue on the source of this problem?


Google Finance page does NOT allow downloading historical EOD data for certain symbols (especially for indices and international stocks)

For example S&P500 index:

See this:

as opposed with this:

(2) has “Download to spreadsheet” link that AmiQuote uses.
(1) does NOT have it.

Without “download to spreadsheet” link on Google Finance AmiQuote can not download EOD data.

Google Intraday is handled by different server / different data supplier and support different set of symbols

I believe I discovered and provided a solution to this, as well as other Google intra-day intervals and history amounts that are available as it turns out. They would of course be a nice enhancement to AQ if implemented.

If only day had 48 hours

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Thank you for your quick answer.
If technically feasible and when you will have some time available for it, I will be happy to have Sean’s solution implemented.
Google could be a good way to complete Yahoo’s insufficiencies, when it comes to European indices as an exampe.

Dear Sir,

I would like to know the steps how to get the EOD historical data from Google finance.

  1. For eg: I would like to know the historical data for NSE:SBIN, NSE:BHARTIARTL, NSE:NIFTY, NSE:BPCL

  2. In the SBIN

Now, I am unable to see the historical data, where to select?

  1. How to download those data…where shall I can find the spreadsheet for download the data.

In Amiquote:

  1. How to import those spreadsheet in the Amiquote and to get those datas connected to the Amibroker?

Kindly put me the screenshot for clear understanding. Because I am unable to see the videos in youtube to…

Thank you so much.


I am unable to download history for the stock and there is nothing found like download to spreadsheet