Google intraday stopped working

Has anyone else had this issue last night? I went to update the database and almost all the symbols came back with "no data for this symbol".

This has been working fine for the last two years. Last night was the first issue I have seen with it. I am using the latest version of Amiquote 3.30.

Me too. I don't know if it is Google or AmiQuote

It is not AmiQuote but data source.

Please read No. 6. to 7. of AmiQuote FAQ

I am also experiencing this problem from time to time and right now. Usually, it is temporary but it may last for a few hours.
That's free data... we cannot expect 100% availability of the service!

And suddenly, it works again...

Yes I am back up also. _I really was wondering if anyone else had the issue. I suspected that it was Google_thanks!!

I am also facing this problem from to-day. Earlier I was using Google Intraday for more than four to five years. It was running smoothly. Any one has solution ?

It looks like we are losing the Google Intraday API. Google wants you to go to their web pages to just look at their data. No more API.

Amiquote calls the Google API for BCE on the Toronto Stock Exchange:,c

Now Google redirects you to their web page for BCE instead of just price data that Amiquote looks for.

It looks like we lost another intraday data source like we did with Yahoo a few months ago.


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On the Google web page, try web scraping the data that is embedded in the price chart.

Lou B


Am unable to download Intraday data from Google finance for past 2 days. Amiquote version is 3.30

Have attached screenshot please let me know if any formats have changed at google


As I wrote many times in many places including FAQ AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions AmiQuote is just a web browser. It just reads public web sites like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari. And it only uses official links to download data in plain text format. We don't do any magic and don't do anything that is not possible using regular browser.

If source web page stops delivering data (like Google in this case), no browser can do anything. It can not create data out of thin air.

At the moment Google is redirecting all requests to Google search.

Google is apparently stopping their service or changing it. Google pretty often changes their services. To avoid interruption you should rather use paid source like Interactive Brokers, eSignal or IQFeed.

Is there an API that Amiquote can use from ETrade or Schwab? If so, where would I find that?

Dear Tomasz,
Can you ask Google about the expected time to re-start? Because I think it has happened first time where it has remained off for more then 5 days.....

Tons of people are hammering them on the finance / googlesheet api product forums but it seems Google has no intention of running it longer.
In fact people have signed a petition on for them to restart services. Portfolio and other features were already shutdown a long time ago.

Google data was consistent even a few months ago, nowadays quotes update slowly, between 5 and 15min as well.

As TJ says, a paid source is more reliable.


Hello Tomasz,

After ~10 days since it stopped, unfortunately it seems that Google intraday is not coming back.
I will be happy to see otherwise soon.
Tomasz, It would be excellent if other free/low cost intraday data services are added as soon as possible, so
the Amiquote registered users can maintain their intraday databases full and complete.
These two are preferable to my opinion:
IEX Finance
Alpha vantage
Please note that insertion delay between request in these services may be necessary.
Actually, it would be good have an option to limit the requests to X amount per minute.

Best regards,

Delay between request is ALREADY existing and definable by user in Tools->Settings. And by default it downloads slowly and only one download at a time not causing any significant load.

Trouble is that many people remove delays and puts all settings to highest levels (such as 10 simultaneous downloads) then web sites don't like it and start to ban people doing this and then they are surprised that free service stops.

Data, storage, servers and bandwidth costs money. Free service should be used reasonably . When you download the data - visit their web pages and display ads. They have to make money on ads to keep the service free.

As to new data sources we are constantly looking for alternatives.

There are already many alternative (better) sources than Google Intraday:

UPDATE: August 21 - first alternative to Google Intraday downloads has already been added - in AmiQuote 3.31: AmiQuote 3.31 is released now

3 Likes has a free API.

Well I have to say this is disappointing. After spending a decent amount of money and time learning and scripting AFL scans, Amibroker is now worthless to me. You likely won't find more customers as there are platforms out that can do just the same or better, like TOS.

Why? Just because Google intraday stopped working? I'm sorry, but that sounds pathetic - especially taking into account, that Tomasz is the last person to be blamed for this ...


@einstr I strongly suggest you give up trading if you really feel that way. No offense but keep a few things in mind, like a few quotes I've read from other traders/bloggers and hedge fund managers.

"Welcome to the hardest game in the world.
Unfortunately, you're playing with some of the sharpest, fastest, most intelligent, well informed, stubbornly irrational and in many cases, unethical minds in the world.
You're up against the computer that can react faster than you.
The trader who has more experience than you.
The fund that has more money than you.
The insider that has more information than you.
The others that will misinform you. "

There is a role for "free data" and it's low quality. Perhaps testing some ideas in a preliminary fashion. " But the professional traders you are competing against, the hedge fund managers, the quants and their supercomputers - - they are not using free data found on the internet. And they are just waiting to eat your lunch."

So good luck.