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Hi Tomasz, I really read the user guide but its´n my language and understand a little. I want to ask you if there is a possibility to graph directly through code the specific data of a web page such as fed the unemployment data or stockschart the put call ratio. Graph the specific data of that page by entering the address in the code. Not using a friend or other program. It would be very good to be able to enter a specific address and graph the data of that website. Sorry for this very ignorant question. regards

@LOL111, for this kind of thing, IMO, the best solution is to use the AmiBroker built-in browser (to show/examine the charts directly provided by the different sites).
This previous thread provide some good suggestions to use it.


Hi, it's a very very interesting thread. In the next few days I will try to understand it. The idea is to create a button that takes me to the data through an external browser. Not bad but what would be the bomb is to be able to put that link in an afl code and give me that data in a box on the screen and if I graph it I am able to cry !. Thanks for redirecting me to the forum thread. Cheers

You do not need AFL code. You just need AmiQuote allowing to create user definable data source entries:

Amiquote is like web browser downloading and importing data to AB database.
Then you can graph it. No AFL code for data import required.

For unemployment rate you can use Quandl (for example).

Quandl data source already is part of AmiQuote source selection.

But also read

You need to create format file aqq_fred.format to import FRED/UNRATE to AmiBroker.
Unemployment data has two columns: Date_YMD,Close

Put/Call can be downloaded and imported via AmiQuote too. Look for data vendors providing data access (e.g. CSV) but do not look for pictures.

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thank you for your advices. I will try as you tell me and the explanations of the forum. Should I manually create a folder to download amiquote data? . Where should I create it? You can not upload videos to see the entire process. It is always faster and better to understand. thanks. In a couple of days when I get home I try. Greetings

Hi Beppe... thanks for your help on my post yesterday regarding IBController MSFT ambiguous symbol error. My post was identified as a duplicate and was thus closed quickly after references to the duplicates were inserted. Because the post was closed, I could not reply and thank you and thus I'm doing it here. I had already read the other posts that were referenced but was still a bit confused. Your additional comments turned the light on for me. Apologies to others in this post that this is off topic. Thanks again.