GuiSlider GuiSetColors

hi, we can not set a color for the GuiSlider, right? Using GuiSetColors

I built in a GuiSlider that is only active in a certain mode. I wanted to change the color when the slider is active but that is not possible, right?

Instead of reinventing the wheel why don’t you use system provided way to change imagery of inactive Control by calling GuiEnable function to disable non active Control, or use GuiSetVisible to hide it?

Inactive control will get gray look automatically.

Generał principle in Windows is that you don’t use your colors but you change control style and system draws it for you in system-compliant way. Many controls in Windows use gradients, animations, hover effects and shadows, so control uses dozens of colours not one to display its imagery in system-consistent way

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ok yes forgot about that. i will try that. Thanks