Half Yearly chart

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how to plot half yearly chart ?

You should search the Forum before you post, or atleast share the effort that you tried and didn't succeed.


You can get hint form here.

  1. You can do it programatically using TimeFrameSet() or TimeframeGetprice(). For instance: TimeFrameSet(2*inQuarterly)


  1. You can define custom Interval in Tools->Preferences->Intraday :


  1. The fastest method - you can just type 150D and hit Enter. ( BTW: In a similar way you can quickly get other not standard intervals like 2m, 3m, 13m, 3h, 4D etc.)


I'm not saying it is always the best, because: (a quote from https://www.amibroker.com/guide/afl/timeframeset.html):

Note that 5*inDaily is now DIFFERENT than inWeekly. 5*inDaily creates 5-day bars that DO NOT necesarily cover Monday-Friday while inWeekly ALWAYS creates bars that begin on Monday and end on Friday. Also 25*inDaily creates 25-day bars that DO NOT necesarily represent full month, while inMonthly always begins with first day of the month and ends at the last day of the month

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Thank you for replying !!, I have already tried but result are not satisfactory, each candle close should be June 30 or Dec 31,
But all result showing different dates, tried "2inquaterly", "6inmonthly", 150D.

If you use the method in the link in the 2nd post, then you will have bars spaced out a bit but the Date will match correctly with the Bars.
That's why Half yearly will be optimal when drawn on Quarterly bars.

When you select a Chart with the specified interval, "ChartShowDates" Flag will draw chart according to that interval.

I would like to request that , Please add half yearly chart option in Amibroker next version, spaced chart are difficult to read.

@sandeep any new feature request should be submitted to the Feedback Center (requires access to the Member's Zone reserved to registered users):

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