Hand drawn TA on back adjusted futures

Hi all, is there a way of pinning hand drawn trendlines and TA so that when the price is backadjusted the trendline/TA moves with the revised price? TIA

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I am not sure with hand drawn line, but can be done with the example below


However, your question is rather incomplete. Normally, you should tell us what conditions the line you have drawn should follow, so that these conditions follow the prices.

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Thanks for the response, I'll take a look

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Revisiting to clarify exactly what I'm wanting to do here

I'm using backadjusted charts for Futures. With every added 'front' contract, the previous prices are backadjusted to avoid the misleading price gap between contracts. Consequently the trend is accurate but the historical prices are not

Hence when I manually draw TA on a chart it is only accurate until the next backadjustment when the historical prices change and hence do not match the TA

Is there a way of pinning hand drawn trendlines to specific points on a chart so they move in sync with the backadjusted prices?