Has Amibroker eval() function like other program languages run string command


The following is part of my code.The purpose I want to shorten my codes.

for (i=0;i<12;i++){
		stre = "peinclxor,revchngyr";
c1 = "[P/E(TTM): ] " + "NorgateFundamentals("+d1+")"; //String NorgateFundamentals("revchngyr") cannot return correct value

Your code is incorrect and attempt to solve by using evli is incorrect too.

Eval is evil (posses security risks and is slow).
You don't need that to call NorgateFundamentals with changing field.

Correct code (the last line) should be

c1 = "[P/E(TTM): ] " + NorgateFundamentals( d1 );