Hello from a newbie!

Hi everyone,
I've recently discovered this amazing forum and been reading the past threads non stop for last few days. Just a while ago, while reading a past thread, I felt a feeling of gratitude towards all the senior members of the forum because of how they painstakingly help newbies like me with each of their problems. Please accept my gratitude. Hope to learn a lot from everyone in this forum.


Welcome Arun.

The best way to get answers and assistance from senior members is to:

  1. verify your AB licence. Do a search for 'verify licence' - first return shows the required steps.
  2. Take note of the pinned post 'How to ask a good question'



Thanks Chris. Will keep your advice in mind. I've been binge reading the past posts in the forum for last couple of days and along with the knowledge that I've gained, I have also gotten a fair idea about how to ask a question to get help from the seniors.

Welcome @anegi2128 . This forum is an amazing resource. The people who participate are incredibly knowledgable and have helped me immensely in the 11 months I have been an AmiBroker user. To get the most out of Amibroker, and the best help you can from this forum, make sure you spend a lot of time studying on your own. If you implement what you study and get stuck, as I have many times, there is a lot of help here. @Chris25 has already mentioned probably the two most important first steps. Good luck!

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