Hello from the Netherlands


I would like to introduce myself. I am Henri, 52 years old, trading for roughly 30 years now. I started out with Tradestation and Metastock, then went on to Wealthlab. Went on a break roughly 5 years ago from the more complex trading, doing a lot with Excel and not using backtesting software as much anymore.

I trialed Amibroker 5 years ago and the learning curve was just to steep for me at that moment. Since I want to get back to more real time trading, I am giving it a try again hoping that with some help I might be able to get it all working again :slight_smile:

My knowledge is mostly about technical trading. I have a cabinet with over 100 books, dutch and US magazines about technical trading and a very extensive historical data collection so I would say I do have some knowledge about what I want and need and can do.

My biggest problem is converting that all to scripts that work and then, getting that running on TWS.

Lets hope I get it all to work, looking forward to being a happy Amibroker user :slight_smile:

If there is anyone that would like to work together or just do some brainstorming, feel free to get in touch.




Nice presentation!

Learning a powerful software like AmiBroker is not the most straightforward task, but some resources will significantly help you.

First of all, the official documentation, the manual, the help file (pressing F1 on the code editor will bring you to the relevant section of it).
In particular, as a first step, @Tomasz recommends studying the tutorial.

It is also handy to have a browser bookmark to the Function Reference - Categorized list of functions.

Another great resource is the Knowledge Base. When I began my journey with AmiBroker, I spent a fair amount of time reading ALL the KB Articles (testing the code, where provided, to understand it better).

Also instrumental to my learning process (that never ends) is this excellent Community Forum.

I suggest spending a lot of time reading the past threads. Experiment with the "Search" functionality extensively; your question/difficulties probably are the same that other users already encountered and were solved by some of the more experienced users.
When you notice a response from someone you particularly like, go to their profile and check out the past activity and solutions they provided - this is a shortcut to focus on the most useful threads.
Do not forget to bookmark the topics that you'll think are relevant to your trading style to come back when required (or even better save the code to your Snippets collection).

Learn how to debug your code, but when you are lost - it happens to (almost) all of us - feel free to ask for help. Be sure to follow the main forum guidelines:

Happy learning and again... Benvenuto / Hartelijk welkom!


@beppe - that is a very nice of summary of where to find useful resources
@Henri - welcome to the forum

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Thanks both. Had already found some of the documents you referred to but not the Tutorial, I will work my way through that.

Hi Henri,

I'm an AB user form The Netherlands as well. I'm making steady progress, but doing it in English is making is extra hard for me. That looks like a problem we could solve :wink:
I have a background in trading that is similar to yours, so a brainstorm might be helpful for us both. I can't dm on the forum yet, but you can reach me at goingdutch@ziggo.nl.



Not sure if I can message but I have send you an email.

Looking forward to hearing from you !