Hello, Sorry and Thank You!

Hi Everyone,

I have worked in Financial Advisory sector (especially Valuation and Modelling) for about 10 years. I started trading since 2011 since I found it is very interesting to learn about financial markets, but I took a break in 2013 and just started to trading again in 2019.

In my second period of trading, I realized that I will have more confidence in my trading plan if I have a back test result, which I did manually before, and it took so many time with high risk of subjectivity. This is where I tried to research and found out that Amibroker could perform such back test, screener, exploration and other helpful tools!!

However, I have no programming background at all!! Therefore, I would like to address my apologies in advance for my very basic questions later on. I'm currently reading the user guide and try to understand as much as I can, and try my best to do my homework first before raise a question.

Thank you for your upcoming support and patience!

Best Regards,



Welcome @Alfyan

You are starting out well in the AmiBroker world. Read lots. TRY Lots.

Read and use the manual. TONS to learn, but there is tremendous power in the AFL.

When you get stumped, use the search. You will probably find a similar example to what you are trying to do somewhere in the forum, or in the Knowledge base.

Again, Welcome and good luck.


Welcome to the community @Alfyan , you've found the right place for testing your ideas :wink:

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