Hello to the Forum!

I just found the newbie section!
Hello All,
I have worked in healthcare for about 20 years; I started discretionary trading about 2 years ago as a hobby and hopefully for a second income. I realized after about a year and a half that the only way I was going to have any chance of long term success was to learn how to backtest.
When I read reviews on Amibroker as a platform, pretty much everyone said the same 2 things. It's amazingly powerful and it has a steep learning curve, especially for those new to coding.

That's the boat I'm in. I took MSDOS,Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Access, and Visual Basic classes probably 2.5 decades ago. I also took a fair amount of math classes in highschool and early college but I am very new to the world of programming.

I think the reason I never pursued programming was I never had an application for it that mattered to me.

I find the stock market fascinating and learning how to backtest trading strategies has really given me the motivation I need to delve into this completely new world.

Having been in a career for almost 2 decades, I regularly see new graduates coming into my field. A common question comes to mind,"What are they teaching in school?" I then remind myself that it took me probably 2 years in the field to master what I would consider,today, to be basic common healthcare knowledge.

I will try not to be a burden on the forum and pledge to put the time and effort into solving my own problems to the fullest of my ability.

Thank you all for your time and patience.


Welcome Tom,

Great Attitude!

It is amazing what one can do when motivated.

I would suggest 3 things.

  1. Use the Help feature (to get into the manual)
  2. Learn the technical terms (hard, but it will help when searching)
  3. Search (and READ) lots

Last but not least, if you have put reasonable effort into the above points, post your questions here, showing your work, and you should get lots of help.