Help Automating data APIs?

G'day Everyone,

Firstly, please accept my apology if this has been explained elsewhere, or if I should be able to discern this easily from instructions. I have been searching forums for a solution since I invested in the Ultimate Pack a few days ago without luck.

I understand the benefits of subscribing to Norgate Data, and how via it's own plugin, it allows one to easily update the database with ticker, exchange, market metadata and quotes. Given I am new to AmiBroker I wish to initially test using other data sources as frankly for me it would be a wasted outlay. I have chosen to start with as they have US & Aussie Markets (Tiingo doesn't seem to) and it includes adjusted and delisted.

Now jumping quickly to my question, given that (confusing name) has a number of API for symbol, exchange, extended metadata, quotes, and Fundamentals is there a way I might use AmiQuote (given I bought it) or another approach to so that I can update this data via accessing the API when I need it, rather than downloading .csv files, and using the import wizard?

I understand there are ways to use .ads files for other sources to load quotes, but can this load other data to the database such as exchange, fundamentals, and other metadata? Or do I need to create my own watchlists for the various exchanges and their constituents in order to load the quotes?

Hoping this is not a complex ask, and thanks in advance for reading this far, deciphering my newbie and providing assistance.


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