Help Getting started with AmiBroker

Hi, I'm a software developer, plus I have years of experience with TradeStation/ESL. I'm having a terrible time trying to get started with Amibroker. Is there a clear tutorial on how to apply a system to a symbol? Why isn't there a right click insert system? Isn't this the reason we bought it? I'm trying to get something simple to work so I can understand this thing but it really makes no sense and the system testing seems hidden/buried when I would think its the whole reason amibroker exists.


Maybe just read this fine manual

The setting you are looking for is right in front of your face: "Apply To: Current symbol"

And yes there is a tutorial that you should read:

Also the videos for those who don't like to read


@davidf, welcome to the forum.

in addition to the above suggestions, I suggest you to spend some time looking at the @mradtke presentations I described in this post.

In the 3rd party section of the forum, there are also other resources that you may find useful like this one.

Or if you prefer to read, see the Introduction to AmiBroker by @howardbandy. This free downloadable guide was written when AmiBroker was at version 5.50, so it is a bit outdated but will still be good to learn the basics of AmiBroker. (Some significant changes happened to data suppliers so ignore these sections and refer to the official docs).
Mr. Howard Bandy is also the author of some more advanced AmiBroker focused books that I suggest to study when you are more comfortable with the software.

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Just another repetition of Users Guide (and even coming with 1:1 copies of official User guide without referencing). I can't see anything not being covered in official User guide in there.

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