Help me involve problem with Cash Flow

Hello AFL experts.

I have searched the forum for the issue I need help with but haven't found a solution, so I'm posting here in hopes of receiving your enthusiastic assistance.
I have a task involving 3 IndustryID groups, and I want to write a program to examine which of these 3 main groups has the strongest cash flow.

For Ex :
IndustryID(1) : Bank (with symbols AAA, BBB, CCC)
IndustryID(2) : Motor (with Symbols ADS, VFS, AUD)
IndustryID(3) : Metal (with Symbols GDG, KJL, JKL)

Sincerely, thank you for the help from AFL experts."

@Huynq99, as a first step, I suggest you clarify what you mean by "strongest cash flow".
The "cash flow" measure is generally part of the financial reports published by listed companies in their quarterly reports.

Is this type of "cash flow" you are referring to, or something else?
In the first case, do you have the historical time series of this fundamental data to use in the backtests?