Help with Account Manager

Hi Folks,

I need some help amending a trade I entered in Account Manager. Usually if you make a mistake, you go Edit – Undo and this removes the trade entry to enable you to re-enter the trade.

This time, the trade with the error was three trades back. I thought I would be able to sequentially “undo” three times, and then re-enter the trades. I was able to undo the last trade, however cannot go back any further.

I am sure there must be an easy way, however I cannot work it out. All assistance is appreciated.

Best regards
Bruce W.

Sorry the undo in account manager is one level at the moment. You can open account file with notepad and edit it if you wish (it is just text file in XML format).

Hi Tomasz,

Thank-you for that information. I have amended my trade information.

A further question, when I use Notepad to edit the transaction (trade) details, it will not automatically re-calculate Equity History and Summary etc. Is there anyway of getting the trade details to re-calculate?

Best regards
Bruce W