Help with custom n-Volume periodicity

I have recently begun using custom period (n-range and n-volume) setting from Tools -> preferences -> intraday settings. My query is regarding n-volume setting. When trading futures, I want to set the periodicity to n-contracts instead of n-shares.

For example, a BankNifty contract is 25 shares while a Nifty50 contract is 75 shares. For 15000V setting in intraday custom periodicity, 600 contracts of BNF would have traded while only 200 contracts of Nifty50 would have traded.

I tried entering contract specification (round lot size and margin deposit) in symbol information (tried this after it worked worked for n-range charts by entering tick size and then standardizing ranges), I am unable to get uniform n-contract bars across scrips.

Please help, I tried every search possible here on the forum as well as the guide.

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