Help with Parameters in AFL


I have assigned an AFL to a chart and saved it as a template.. Subsequently I open 3-4 charts and apply that template but have different scrips in each of them.. The issue is whenever I change any Param value ( for eg.. p=Param("Price",100,1,1,1) in any of the scrip window.. the same is changed for all the 3-4 charts.. I normally use this param value to input recent/significant highs /lows for that particular scrip

I would like each chart to have the ability to accept different values..

I also have noticed that if i open up 3-4 windows (charts) separately and apply the same AFL without saving it as a template then each chart accepts different values..

Is there a way around it.. I hope I am clear with my issue..

This all described in great detail in Knowledge Base:

Please read the article and you will find all the answers there.

Thanks.. will go over it..

Went thru the link.. It still does not resolve my issue.. I have 3-4 tabs atleast in each window and around 3-5 windows operational at the same time. thats the reason why i have created a template so that I can apply the template and all my tabs are in sync across different scrips..

Anyways.. I think i shall have to live with this issue in ami...Thanks for your suggestions .. Got concepts of chartid clear..

Just read the article carefully. Don't skip/scan. Don't take shortcuts. Read. Every sentence...with understanding. The article clearly says that if your charts use SAME CHART ID then it shares parameters, if it uses different Chart IDs it uses SEPARATE parameters. And the article very clearly explains how can you create/copy charts with same and with different IDs, so they can share OR NOT SHARE parameters. Charts created from same template share same chart ID. It is that simple.

Hi. I did read it not once but twice... It still does not serve my purpose.. I would need to repeat the process of applying AFL by creating a new chart each time and save the layout.. and subsequently save it as a template.. But if i happen to delete anyone window and reopen it using the template.. my original problem still exists..

thanks for your followup though.. Cheers!!!

No, you would just use advice given in the article and use Copy/Paste Special.
For your goals you should save just layouts, not templates. Templates serve different purpose.

Yup .. thats what I had to do eventually.. create new windows and copy paste the multiple panes across windows.