HHV-LLV div by zero


Whenever I use the HHV-LLV to compute stochastic I get div by zero error
I have got this on different scenarios
I have searched for the existing topics, and I saw SafeDivide as a suggestion
My question is if I am using obsolete syntax perhaps
Looking at the chart for %FVX it should not be evaluating the denominator zero I think, so I thought it is a mistake in my code

// IntermarketFiveYearNoteBasic.afl
// The BuyPrice and SellPrice come from the
// issue being traded. 
BuyPrice = C;
SellPrice = C;
// The indicators and signals are computed from the
// Five Year Note, Yahoo Ticker "FVX 
ForeignC = Foreign("%FVX","C");
// Compute the RSI
ForeignRSI = RSIa(ForeignC,15);
// Compute the Stochastic of the ForeignRSI 
ForeignStochRSI = 100 * (ForeignRSI - LLV(ForeignRSI,24)) / (HHV(ForeignRSI,24) - LLV(ForeignRSI,24));
ForeignStochRSI = EMA(ForeignStochRSI,3);
// The Buy and Sell signals will be taken from the
// crossing of the StochRSI indicator with itself, smoothed 
Sm = Param("Sm",3,1,100,1);
FStRSISm = DEMA(ForeignStochRSI,Sm);
Buy = Cross(ForeignStochRSI,FStRSISm); 
Sell= Cross(FStRSISm,ForeignStochRSI);
e = Equity();
// Plotting the "current symbol" 
PlotShapes(Buy*shapeUpArrow + Sell*shapeDownArrow,IIf(Buy,colorGreen,colorRed));
// Plotting the indicator created from the Five Year Note 
Plot(ForeignStochRSI,"FStRSI",colorRed,styleline |styleLeftAxisScale);
Plot(FStRSISm,"FStRSISm",colorGreen, styleLine| styleLeftAxisScale);
// Plotting the equity of trading the
// current symbol based on the Five Year Note 
Plot(e,"Equity",colorRed,styleline |styleOwnScale); 
GraphXSpace = 10;

You need to check divisor to prevent division by zero or use SafeDivide function.

Also please always do a SEARCH before posting: