Hi,ATRa() issue

Is there a way to make ATRa ( array, periods) instead a regular ATR
Tnx for help

Contrary to indicators such as MA(array, period) -> e.g. x = MA(Close, 20);
ATR is calculated out of three but not just one price data field (array).
MA is calculated out of e.g. Close while ATR is calculated out of High, Low and Close.
And latter one calculates (avg.) range while e.g. MA is averaged price (array).

So ask yourself whether ATR(array, period) makes sense.
What do you want to do? Please read here before posting.

Now, if you want to calculate ATR of different symbol other than selected one then simply use SetForeign function.

yourSymbol = "YourSymbolNameHere"; // add symbol name different from selected one

SetForeign(yourSymbol, fixup = 1, tprices = false);
    frgATR = ATR(15);

// your further code here.... below

Thank you for quick response .
And if I want to put a Value of some formula instead of symbol ( X for example)