Higher TF RSI in lower TF

am trying to access the higher time frame (Daily), RSI(14) values, while exploring in lower time frame (30 Mins). am trying to read 3 particular values, Current, Last & Bias.

RSDx = RSI(14); // Current
RS3x = BarsSince(RSDx >= 60) < BarsSince(RSDx <= 40);  //Bias
RSNy = Ref(RSDx,-1);  //Last

RSD = TimeFrameExpand(RSDx,inDaily,expandFirst);	// Current
RS3 = TimeFrameExpand(RS3x,inDaily,expandFirst);	// Bais
RSDy = TimeFrameExpand(RSNy,inDaily,expandFirst);	// Last

RSC = IIf(RSD>=60,colorLime, IIf(RSD<=40,colorRed, IIf(RS3,colorDarkGreen,ColorDarkRed))); // Zone Colour

AddTextColumn(SectorID(1), "Sect",1,RSC );   // Zone Color
AddColumn(RSD,"RD",1.2);    //Current
AddColumn(RS3,"R3",1.0);	// Bias
AddColumn(RSDy,"RD",1.2);  // Last

Would this be correct code?

As i understand from the TimeFrameSet reference and from my results, "the value of RSI(14) for the Daily TF is calculated by compressing the data of Current TF (30 min) into blocks of Higher TF (Daily)". is that right?

if i want to access the EOD Daily value, without using the Current TF (30 mins) time compression, can it be done? Please Guide.

Cheers, :slight_smile:

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