Highest lowest value

can anyone help to find highest high and that particular high was on which date on monthly basis . i need it for last 100 months.
Highest high val , highest high date

  1. 1324, 25-dec-2018
  2. 1200, 20-nov-18
  3. 1100, 15-oct-18.

thanking you in advance.

Helping at what exactly?
Were is the code you have tried to create?
There isn't anything to be seen.

So to get you started... in the function list look for the functions:
HHV, HHVBars, DateTime, Ref, TimeFrameSet, TimeFrameRestore, TimeFrameExpand. Study them.

High array to be used for HHV is either H or High in AFL ( e.g HHV(H, period) ).

As for how to work with time frame functions take a look here. You would have to operate on minimum timeframe inDaily since as by your post you want to get exact date.

And last but not least in addition a general link about How AFL works.

Now please do some homework and come back if you get stuck together with something created on your own.


just for fun, I went to google and typed "highest high amibroker", and the answer was right there, at the top. :wink:


That seems like SO much work though...


If you don't care for exact calendar months then you could save yourself from time frame function use and just multiply 100 by number of average business days per month. So e.g.

/// This is supposed to be EOD code
/// NOTE: code is incomplete and will through ERROR
/// YOU have to complete it before applying it!
/// function list to reach the goal:
/// @link https://www.amibroker.com/guide/a_funref.html
mth_number = 100;
days_per_mth = 20;
lookback = mth_number * days_per_mth;// for HHV or HHVbars


/// HHV line 
hh = /*code here*/;

/// HHVBars line below...
hhv_bars = /*code here*/;

/// Datetime line using Ref and hhv bars below....
hhv_dt = /*code here*/;

/// printing resulting HHV date
printf( /*code here*/ );

/// And/Or 
/// Exploration code 
/// @link http://www.amibroker.com/guide/h_exploration.html
/// here below...

So to get to the main goals you would just need HHV, HHVBars, Ref and DateTime functions.
Do you get the rest of it done yourself?