Hilbert Sinewave S&R on a different scenario

Hi all, I 'm having issue with this formula posted in the topic (unfortunatelly is visible as a member in the AFL Library so I can't post here publicly) the formula I think is very popular and created by Robert Dumbar some years ago. I'm using for future (italian miniFIB). When I try to use it for stocks that has a very low value (for example FCA.MI that currently quoted 8.5 Euro, plotting of Support&Resistance are not correct. Is there a way to fix the AFL (normalize the data to adapt it on a different scenario/stock)? I'm currently using AB 6.20.1 registered version. It seems that with the latest version the formula doesn't work correctly even with futures. (I read a comment in the members forum). Is there a way also to fix it, just in case? Thanks in adv. for your time. Regards

Here what I meant related to this indicator plotted with a stock with a very low quotation like this one.