Hire an AmiBroker coder

I would like find an AMIBroker Coder to help me with strategy development and coding.

Assistance is greatly appreciated

You can find relevant information in this thread:

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@tedpenner and @Milosz since I wrote several of the posts in that thread, I also thought that it might help to clarify if Amibroker.com (@Tomasz and perhaps Marcin in the past) still offers code writing services? He used of be available for hire to take “small” jobs that took under several hours but I was under the impression that he had become too busy to take on those jobs. So at the time I did not mention it in that thread. I think he has referred to offering services in this forum. Obviously if he is available he would be the best candidate to hire.

@Tomasz are you available for hire?

No I don’t offer custom AFL / DLL programming anymore on individual request, I am too busy and have to devote time to work that is used by thousands of people rather than individual.


Hi Ted (or anyone else for that matter),

I am also looking for an AmiBroker Coder. Did you ever have any luck finding one and, if so, would you recommend him/her?



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I do have a list of folks along with pros and cons that I need to develop
further. Perhaps I will look into that and we can collaborate it at

Hi Ted,

I am an investor with junior AmiBroker programming skills. I’ve written a trading system that is working very well for me.

However, I’d like to find an AmiBroker programming expert to:

** Help me clean up my code so that it runs more efficiently (I get “Warning 901, rendering timeout reached”),

** Coach me on more advanced techniques,

** Take advantage of some of the latest new features of AmiBroker,

** Automate my current system to run in Batch and email me the signals, and

** Develop new code for me.

If there’s any way we can work together, that would be great.


The second post in this thread has a link to third party services, etc.