Histogram chart pane with logarithmic price chart pane

I am viewing a histogram plot of an indicator in a separate chart pane along with a price plot that is displayed in logarithmic scale (selected from View menu, not AFL). The histogram plots fine, but there is a red warning in upper left of the chart pane ...

Warning 902 Can not plot a chart in logarithmic scale as the data set contains zero(s) and/or negative value(s)

I have tried a few of the style options in the histogram plot line, but the error remains.

Math 101. Take you pocket calculator and try to get logarithm from zero. What would you get?
Minus infinity.

That is why you can not use scale that contains ZERO and histogram starts from zero.

I thought there might be an AFL option that would override the menu option in the histogram pane. So the solution is to set the scale for the price chart with AFL and turn off the menu setting.

If the red warning is in the chart pane, do you have an indicator overlaying price? That indicator may have a zero or negative values in it?