Historic Vs Live Databases and some other newbie Questions.

I am using Amibroker 6.40. I have amiquote and have set up a local database with the ASX 50, ASX200, S&P500, FTSE 100, FTSE250 and the Forex Majors and major crosses. I used the Yahoo free, and then imported the yahoo fundamental data for the symbols. I used the free Forex provider on the dropdown in Amiquote for the Forex Data.

At the moment, I am just using amibroker mainly to learn how to code afl, and to develop some basic EOD systems and backtest them. Are the data vendors I have used sufficient for EOD systems?

If not, and in a couple of months I decided to choose a data vendor, I note that I would have to create a new database. Could I integrate that database with my current one? Would I loose all of the symbols I have imported?

Am I able to run amibroker from a few data sources simultaneously (e.g I have a good data source for crypto, but its not very good with equities, etc)

Finally, I can see that there are plug-ins that people have written to connect amibroker to buy and sell actual brokers (like IB controller and I think there's a Binance one). Are these safe and quite easy to use, or am I better off learning Python?

Thanks for wisdoms.