HoldMaximumBars In Portfolio-level back testing and Optimization

In Portfolio-level back testing and Optimization
How to tell AmiBroker after a buy signal to look only between HoldMinBars 10 And no more than HoldMaximumBars 50 to optimize the best sell signals only in that range period?

HoldMinBars is a feature that disables exit during user-specified number of bars even if signals/stops are generated during that period
Please note that IF during HoldMinBars period ANY stop is generated it is ignored. Also this period is ignored when it comes to calculation of trailing stops (new highest highs and drops below trailing stops generated during HoldMinBars are ignored).

I wish for HoldMaximumBars to add it to the AFL

Thank you for reading.

@Trader7, I am not experienced with BT/O, but does the ApplyStop(stoptypeNbar, 50, ....) not work for you?

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