Holes in data, was: Cloning symbol data with AddToComposite randomly


I am cloning symbols using AddToComposite in order to test portfolio of multiple strategies on same symbol.

Strange things are happening... Amibroker randomly increases bar OHLC values by approximately 100. See screenshot.

Yes, I am aware about the ~ to start the name. No, I am not using "Pad and align...".

How is this possible?

How to overcome this?


There is no such thing as software "randomly" doing anything. In software 2+2 is always 4.

ALL your problems come from your data.

Before doing any composites, you have to FIX YOUR DATA.
To do so check all data anomalies using

Tools->Database Purfify menu

And you will find what symbols is missing data bars. Quite obviously you have some symbol included in that composite that adds those 100s. It is enough that you have WEEKLY-only quotes that have those 100s and you are adding those 100s once a week (when given symbol has data).

In the absence of PADDING (that is pretty much REQUIRED for any composite work), data holes and infrequent data points will result in exactly the image you posted.