Horizondal line snap to candle's close price

Hi, Is there any option to snap horizontal line to close price of the candle/ Line chart?

Please help me.

I am able to snap to bar High or Low only so I guess the feature work for the bar extremes.

Press and hold down "C" key to snap to Close. Or "O" key to snap to Open.


It is snapping when hold the "C" key but not able to place a horizontal line on close value. Is it possible?

Thank you

It is snapping correctly, make sure you hover the mouse on the bar that you want to place the line.
or better place a line somewhere, then drag it. In this way, the white line is replaced by the color of my choice. But now if snaps to all 4 OHLC

@Tomasz thank you, so many fine details :slight_smile:

I can reproduce the same behavior as @midhunms .USING horizontal Lines tool
The snap occurs while pressing the "c" or "o" and Left mosue button pressed
but as soon I let go the mouse button
the line snap on High or Low
Using version 6.35.0 64 bits with Windows 8.1 Pro

Trendline works ok

Yes exactly. Trendline works ok. But horizontal line snap back to High/Low when releasing the mouse button. What's the solution? @Tomasz please

Just checked on Win 10 - 1909.

Works, so @midhunms ,you could share OS details etc.


It works for horizontal line, but your MOUSE has to be ON BAR that you want to snap to !

It is almost ofensive your answer


I was writing something but your mouse is moving too fast for me to tell :slight_smile:

Apparently in case of horizontal line it behaves differently than in case of any other trend line and while it correctly snaps to open/close while holding down the mouse button, it reverts back to high-low when you release it. This will be addressed in 6.36.


By the way: Someone suggested over support channel NOT to use % threshold for snap function, because desired % would be different for various instrument groups (stocks, futures, currencies). One possibility to change this feature to use fixed pixel threshold.
Alternatively the threshold could use % (percent) of current Y axis range (i.e. chart height). This will be probably more universal because pixels on high-res screens are different than low-res screens. This would also work for all instruments.
This change is also going to be done in 6.36 (or soon after that). If you are against this change, say the word but please provide explanation why not.

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I am using Amibroker 6.20 and windows 10 OS. I tried the same with Amibroker 6.30 also.

@nsm51 Snapping works but not able to place horizontal line on close/open

@Tomasz Please also make some changes in the Rectangle tool. It is now snapping only to "Open:Close" or "High:Low" (If you keep pressing "C" it will snap to close but other end automatically snap to open) It will be helpful if you make it snapping to two different points ("Close & low" or "open & high" etc..) because I am using this tool to draw support and resistance zones.

Hi @Tomasz

Thank you for the latest update 6.38 which includes fix for Open/ Close snap.
But still need some improvement on snap because we can not make a trendline using a Bull and Bear candle as shown in the picture. It either snaps both candle's close or both candles open. Please fix this also.

Thank you