Horizontal Line. Copying and pasting hand drawn objects

Please, is there a Shortcut to constrain the Trendline tool to be Horizontal? I need to insert Support and Resistance starting from a specific day locking the line at the price with Shift. Thanks

I don't know any such shortcut or key combination (for example similar to drawing a horizontal line in Corel Draw with Ctrl key pressed - which is very useful) but remember, that after drawing a line using the Trendline tool (I understand, that you don't want to use Horizontal Line tool for that), you can go to it's properties and edit/change many things - among them Start/End Y (if those values are identical - you have a horizontal line), Start/End X, Right/Left extend, Extention factor and you can also Lock it's position.


... you can also draw a rectangle looking like a short horizontal line :wink:


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One more tip. If you need to draw more such lines (or other objects), you can draw one, if necessary edit it's properties to suit your needs, than copy this object to the clipboard (Ctrl + C or Edit --> Copy) and paste it ( Ctrl + V or Edit --> Paste) once or more times. Pasted object(s) will be drawn in the same location as copied one and will be selected automatically so you can move it to a new location. For example:



Can you use the ‘Horizontal line’ drawing tool from the Insert menu?

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........ rather not:


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Sorry, missed that part. I stand corrected!

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Thanks a lot Milosz for your precious advices, it has been very kind of you. I think I will go with rectangle. You have been understdanding exactly the problem. Have a nice day

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You know, with a nice mouse (changed) isn't so difficult to get an Horizontal Line from Trend Line Tool. Thanks everybody

@Bartleboom I've got good news for you and other users. After some further searches, I've just learned, that actually such feature already exists :slight_smile: It was implemented in AB 5.63 (March 2013):

A quote from: AmiBroker 5.63.0 BETA Read Me

Added X/Y constaints for drawing tools. When you hold down "Y" key, start and end Y co-ordinates are set to equal value (with trend line it gives horizontal line). When you hold down "X" key you get perfectly vertical line (X start/end set to equal value)

I've tried - and it works :slight_smile:


Milosz... you are a great one eh eh. It was just what I was looking for, and it works good. Thanks a lot :hugs: :+1::+1::+1:

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