Hotkey buttons?

does anyone have a list of hotkeys - example: I am forever right clicking ticker symbols and selecting add selected results to watch list. it would be nice to know a hotkey for that specific command.

thanks in advance

Instead of doing so, why don't you just select ALL (Ctrl+A) and then "Add selected ..." in one right click? Or if you are interested in few, you can multi-select when you press CTRL key while you are clicking or SHIFT (for marking ranges).

@legacy You can easily assign (custom) keyboard shortcuts for such tasks. For example Ctrl+Shift+W to add selected symbol(s) to a watchlist and Ctrl+Alt+W to remove selected symbol(s) from a watchlist. You wlll be able to add/remove symbols to/from watchlists directly from the chart.


Also take a look here:


thanks everyone for taking time to help out.
I used Milosz advice and created a hoykey...thanks everyone.

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