How amibroker handle historical data

Hi, I want to ask about historical data and how amibroker handle it. Let's say I have historical data in 1 minute, after I import it does amibroker build other timeframe e.g 2 minutes, 3 minutes and so on or the other timeframe can only be used when I import their chart with their respective data?

@ezraluandre this KB article explains it.

When AmiBroker is fed with the data, say 1-minute data, it can create all other time intervals by compressing source data on-the-fly.

The keyword here is: on-the-fly.

This means that for a database that have the "Base time interval" (set from File->Database Settings) to 1-minute data all chart/analysis periodicities from 1-minutes up will be enabled and you can use them as needed (no additional storage is needed - all the process happens at run-time).


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