How can I copy an error message in the chart window?

I have this error message in the chart window:


I would like to copy this error message to search for the code causing the error in my AFL files. I'm not able to highlight the error message and copy it. How can I copy the error message as text?

what you can do is open a "log" window. Go to the Menu "Window" and then "Log". Then in the Log Window you select the tab "Run Time". The error will show up there.

see also:

I always first do a right-mouse-click on the "log window" and then chose "Clear". Then you are sure the error that is shown is the latest error


Yes @empottasch is exactly right. Use Log window. What's more - RIGHT CLICK on error message in the log Window and choose "Go to Error" and it will bring you the AFL editor and cursor/caret located exactly where the error is. You don't need all "copy-pasting and manual search"
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