How can I create a virtual monitor for Amibroker windows?

I have two monitors, and I have various floating windows across both those monitors. I am looking for a way to have a virtual monitor with one big floating window, that I can tab to when the need arises. I tried using Windows virtual desktops, but it isn't giving me the result that I want (I cannot have an Amibroker window show up on one desktop and not the other). Running multiple instances of Amibroker isn't an option, because I'll be using this during live markets, and my data source only supports one instance at a time.

Any help appreciated.

Hello TheNutz,

Please have a look at this:


Additional Information: This tool only works with AB Main Window not in Floating Mode Windows

Additional Information: "Divvy" works with AB Floating Mode Windows

It is commercial software and not free, but you can download/check a demo version

  1. Via Divvy settings:
  2. Define your "Grid or Blocks" on your first/second monitor
  3. Create "Shortcut" for your "AB Floating Mode Windows", mark the neccessary blocks and set this Shortcut to "Global" := Template
  4. Set focus on your AB Floating Mode Window via mouse click
  5. Type your Shortcut on the keyboard
  6. Your selected AB Mode Floating Window will position/resize to your Divvy template

Alternate for further research - Google: "Snap Windows Manager"

I am not able to tell you this will work stable or not, please reseach for your own

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Something related was already discussed here.

Will check these out. Thanks.

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