How can I display the system name in an Amibroker report chart?

Good evening! I'm trying to make a report chart in Amibroker display the name of the system I'm running.

I've noticed that I can do it directly by modifying the AFL of the report charts, but I have to change it every time I run a new system. Is there a way to indicate the system name in the AFL of the system itself and have the report chart AFL retrieve that name?

I can't find a way to create a variable that can be retrieved from Report Charts. Does anyone know where I can find more information?

You can save a static variable in your main AFL and retrieve it in the Report Chart AFL.

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Alternatively to keep hostname capturing dynamic, using AmiPy plug-in (thanks to @Kuba).

Place a Python file maybe in C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Scripts named as

import os
def hostname():
    return os.environ[ 'ComputerName' ]

Then from AFL:

hostnamePyFile = "C:\\Program Files\\AmiBroker\\Scripts\\";
PyLoadFromFile( "toGetHostname", hostnamePyFile );
hostname = PyEvalFunction( "toGetHostname", "hostname" );
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He obviously is talking about trading system name not computer name.

Besides there is not python and plugin required to just get computer name.
Just single ShellExecute line of AFL.

if ( ParamTrigger("Get Computer Name", "CLICK") ) 
	ShellExecute( "cmd", "/k hostname", "" ); 

Or to store one may use OLE

if ( ParamTrigger("Get Computer Name", "CLICK") ) {
	net = CreateObject("WScript.Network");
	ComputerName = net.ComputerName;

This is the function to use: GetFormulaPath()


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