How can I load custom Indicator?

Hallo guys,

How Can I load Custom Indicator to sheets of Chart,
when I try to save template and load it,
it loaded chart with all indicators,
but I need to load single indicator in single chart sheet.

thanks in advanced

@Tomasz any support please.

What about being patient and better still search forum before posting!

See different-parameters-for-different-charts-and-same-template.

See Working with chart sheets and window layouts.

See Relationship between chart panes.

For single indicator you just save the formula.

Thanks for your answer, but I need to save single Indicator which I drop it on chart as image(1)
and load it on other sheet on the same chart as image(2)

Hi ahm.montaser
Play around with File>New>Blank Pane vs File>New>Blank chart and see if that answers your question.

Also, if that does not answer your question, then 'right click' your chart and then select 'Edit Formula'. You'll be able to see what code is being used to create your chart, and will be able to see if the indicator you are using is included in that code.

Once you have the chart the way you want, then on the chart 'right click' and select template. Here you can save the template, load a previous saved template, or save your template as default. Just have a play around with it and it'll start to make sense.

thank you so much for your effort ,SpandexMAn

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