How can I make the charts smoother?

When I zoom, it jumps a large increment instead of a tiny one, so it jumps along rather than being smooth. Also, when I drop a trendline, it always jumps a few pixels from where I want it, so there’s no accuracy with manual placement. Snap to high/low doesn’t help much because I don’t always want my lines drawn that way. It’s extremely frustrating. Is there any way to fix this? Even if I ask my GPU to open AB, I get the same problems. I don’t have any issues with other charting platforms, even ones which use a lot of processing power. Thanks for helping.

@C_M, I do not see any problem nor zooming nor drawing trendlines (nothing jumps here!).
Maybe you should post a short video and a screenshot of your charting preferences to help us to better understand what you mean.
Which AmiBroker version are you using?

Hi beppe, thanks. It’s not so bad if the chart is plain. I think what I want is for the zoom and scroll increments to be smaller so that it doesn’t appear to cogwheel. You know when you perform these actions on other charts it’s silky smooth - I want that on my AB too. Is there a way to modify it? My version of AB is a bit old now (6.00.2) but I don’t think that’s the issue.

Really I don't know what you mean. When chart is zoomed in, the wheel step is as small as 1 bar (candle). It physically can not be less than ONE BAR at a time (wheel step).


Tomasz, mine looks to be about 5 bars when I use CTRL+mouse wheel. If I use the scroll bar, it’s equally hard to navigate with tiny mouse movements creating large movements on screen. Thanks.

@C_M remember about the Zoom To Range functionality. It's useful, when you whant to zoom to a precisely selected area. In order to select the range, use Range Markers --> double-click on the chart at the beginning of the range and at the end of the range, or mark the bars and hit F12, SHIFT+F12.


BTW. Instead of selecting View->Zoom->Range, you can assign a keyboard shortcut or create a custom toolbar button to make it simpler and quicker...

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@C_M, did you also check your mouse settings (wheel tab) in the Control Panel?

I have the “roll” the wheel set to 1 and with CTRL+mouse I get 1 bar change.

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